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关于2022年4月9日HSK考试报名的通知/ HSK Registration for April 9, 2022
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2.我校将不再为2022届本科毕业生举办UCTUniversity Chinese Test),建议目前在校的2022届本科毕业生报名参加202249日在我校举办的HSK考试。

Registration for HSK Test on April 9, 2022

(Paper-based only)

Dear Students,

The upcoming HSK test date is April 9, 2022 in CTGU Test Center.The deadline for registration and payment is March 12. Please complete the registration within the specified time on The online Payment is available.

Please find 'The Instruction for HSK Test Registration' as below.

Please find the‘Guidance for HSK Test Takers’ as below.

Please find the detailed information regarding the test arrangements, arrival time, personal belongings, test venue inspection and test discipline as ‘HSK Test Notice’ on


  1. Those who are without passports are not allowed to enter the test room. If it is in the process of renewing on the test day,the passport copy and the visa application receipt (as shown in the notice) are required before entering the testing room.

  2. UCT(University Chinese Test) will not be held for undergraduate students who are going to graduate in 2022. The undergraduate students, who are going to graduate in June 2022 and currently on campus, are suggested to register and attend the HSK test on April 9, 2022.


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